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Hi!  I'm Sebastien Hogan, the person behind the website.  

My specialty is finding, developing and testing crisis management techniques that can improve crisis management team performance in a short amount of time will limited crisis expertise. Think "Ikea of crisis management design": functional and easy to build modules that organisations can use to design a crisis team that suits their needs and that can be upgraded or expanded over time. 

My approach is to develop simple modules, or methods, that are based on the latest research and tested in simulations and real crisis events. In my experience, a crisis management team's performance can be greatly enhanced in a short amount of time by applying and modifying techniques emanating from research in cognition, decision-making, psychology, behavioural economics, team dynamics, gaming and simulation, among others. If you have a similar interest or working on research that you think can improve crisis team performance, then please get in touch. I'd love to learn more. 

The aim of this website is to contribute to the advancement of crisis management by sharing high quality crisis methods and discussing the ideas, research and experiences that underpin them.  

This is a new project and I will continue adding methods and articles over time. I would love to hear any suggestions, ideas or other contributions you may have. I can be reached via LinkedIn or by Twitter and email by clicking on the buttons below.