Meet-Act Cycle


A continuous meet-act, meet-act cycle is a simple key to success


In a crisis, you need a meeting process that properly balances meeting time and working (action) time.  It is better to hold more frequent and short meetings, and avoid defaulting to long meetings.  

For simplicity, the meet-act cycle, refers to the continuous process of meeting, acting, meeting, acting etc that starts as soon as the crisis team is activated and finishes once the crisis is over.  Guidelines are provided below.  

It's good to use a timer, count-down clock, or old fashion egg-timer to help with timekeeping. 


01 | Set the cycle (or rhythm).  If in doubt start with a cycle of 30/60 or shorter.  For example meet for 30 min - then act for 60 min.  

02 | Meet (30 min). The chair of the meeting should use a crisis meeting method 

03 | Act (60 min).  The team disperses to carry out their assigned action items. 

04 | Repeat.

It will becomes obvious when the cycle can slowed down. But be careful, don't reduce the number of meeting (or let meeting go over time) without good reason. The meet-act cycle is the heart that keeps the crisis management process alive. When it stops, slows or gets clogged.. bad things start to happen fairly quickly. 


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